P12 with P5 software


I’ve bought a P12 for a few weeks and it ‘seem’ working fine. I didn’t pay attention to the menu items until a couple of days ago I come across some web page photo and realize that the menu of other P12 look totally different from mine. I then check against the manual and confirm this issue.

Further check, the menu show in my P12 indeed IS the menu of P5 (i.e. without the 4 new meter screen / without the auto cal button / etc) . I even try to load the P12 firmware download from this site and it has no reaction toward the card I insert into the back of P12. But when I load the card with P5 firmware, it process accordingly. Hence all these confirm the software loaded in my P12 indeed is P5 software.

I tried to talk to my Hong Kong local dealer and they are all puzzled by my issue. Just would like to post here to see if any help I could seek and hopefully , just by reloading the P12 software can solve the issue.

Thank in advance for any help!

Ignore the picture of 4 meters on the P12’s display. It’s a photoshop job and the display picture is taken from P15 and P20. The home screen of the P12 only shows one meter. Do you know which version of FW is currently on the P12?

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I am pretty sure the menu is for P5 as for P12, there should have a ‘i’ icon on the top right hand side of the home screen … also those 4 main items icon on the bottom is the old P5 one …

And NONE of the meter will show (suppose after 20s when the home screen left idle, it show the 1st one) … but for my case, it remain forever on the home screen (just like a P5)…

I can’t check the FW as there is no such FW version screen as this is the P5 menu…
I use the trick for P5 to show the detail info screen (i.e. after seeing the initializing word and before home screen show, touch on the screen), it show Firmware : 0.00.46 Bootloader : 1.13.00 , etc

Thanks to @Paul and @jamesh help, the issue was solved , amazingly just within a day or 2! Steve very professionally help and answer my questions. Appreciate Paul help to drive this as well.

I start the PS Audio journey with BHK 250 amp 6 months ago follow by the P12 and also just ordered the BHK pre-amp which is on the way to Hong Kong. No regret as Paul’s team after sales service is amazing!!

Once again, thanks Paul and Steve help!