P12 Internet Connection Question

I recently purchased a new P12 and I’m quite happy with it. For some reason I can’t seem to get it connected to the internet for firmware updates. I have it hardwired into my router and I of course can see it through a PC also connected to my home network, but I can’t get it to connect to the internet and hence the orange light on the router will never turn white on its port.

I have DHCP enabled and I’ve never had this issue with any other device connected to my router before. It likely has something to do with the IP addressed assigned although I’d think DHCP would automatically address this.

Any suggestions on how to get it connected to the internet? I’m not particularly network savvy and until now have never run into an issue with a device that theoretically should be recognized simply by plugging into a router port.


I think P12 , updates are only done on an SD card, and not online.

You’ll need to go into the P12 set up and verify your network settings. I set fixed IP Addresses to simplify things as you will know what address to use to enter the setup. If you use something like Fing to scan your network, it will show you addresses. In setup, your IP Address should be verified, then your subnet, usually, your gateway is your router IP, for this use your DNS is your router IP.

Thanks for the quick response! So a couple of questions. If the updates are done via SD card then what functions are available online?

I appreciate the referral to Fing. I loaded and can see I have 6 open ports with my target host (router) My http port is 88 for example. I’m not sure what to do with the open port info to configure my network on the PS Audio Configuration screen. How do I know what to input into these


On my P5 which is similar but different display you can set outlet characteristics and name each outlet to match the devices. You can also view the device snap shots of its performance on accessing device screen. Functionality mirrors accessing from the device screen.

So yes, I can see all those things from my PC as I’ve always been able to connect the P12 to the router but I just can’t connect the P12 to the internet is the issue. I have no idea what I’d even gain by being connected to the internet. I assumed firmware updates but you’re saying that is by SD card. Does PSA send new SD cards when there is an update? This all seems very odd.

To update your P12 you download the new firmware, load it on to an SD card, install the card in your P12, and the unit reads the new firmware and installs it.

The current firmware is here.

No PS Audio doesn’t send out cards unless you ask for one. Updates for power regenerators are rare. Just use a smaller capacity SD, ideally under 2GB with FAT formatting and copy the file to it. I use etcher as it’s a great utility for writing to SD cards and USB sticks.

Much appreciated.

So I’m not connected to the internet, just to my local network/router. Maybe there is no reason to be connected to the internet afterall?

Whenever PS Audio gets their server software back online you’ll have more internet features. Right now it doesn’t do much. Your internet access is probably something very simple that needs to be addressed. But without details it’s difficult.

No reason currently. There used to be an online ‘feature’ that sadly died a couple years ago. The boys have been working on something better but since it has zero impact on the Power plant function it’s been a background task.

It logged history of everything you see on the front display screens. Neat but didn’t really ‘do’ anything.

Thanks. That’s all I needed to hear to de-prioritize this. Much appreciated.


Some say that having the Ethernet cable connected changes the sound, not for the better :wink:

Currently there are no functions available online other than local access through a web browser. We are working on the finishing touches of the new PowerPlay site that will restore internet access but even then, there will be no functionality access. PowerPlay will show you what your power and Power Plant are doing in the long term

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Thanks Paul. This was all I was looking for. I was simply asking why I am only able to attain is local access through my home network and not the internet connection to your servers. It’s because that functionality doesn’t exist and there was never an issue with my connectivity. Ha! I wish someone would have simply said that’s all the functionality there is right now instead of sending me down rabbit holes on Fing and saying I’m not providing enough data on my system. Oh well, it’s nice people tried to help but in the end they had no no idea that internet connectivity to a PSA server simply doesn’t exist right now. ! Thanks for providing the needed answer.

Yes, a big thanks to all who helped. Unless the P12 is used and quite old (there hasn’t been any updates in over a year) you shouldn’t need to update any firmware.

This is information for not just you but others as well. The globe at the top might be turning green and red these next few weeks as we work on the server. Nothing to be concerned about.

You’re welcome. Sorry it was so hard to get! Mostly, that connection is useful to your LAN as you can open a web browser and communicate with the Power Plant and make adjustment (like naming the zones). But a LAN is not the internet though it uses the same hardware.

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