P12 PowerPlay weirdness

I just received my P12, set it up, and registered it. When I go into PowerPlay and select the system configuration screen (I want to rename the outlets), it says that each zone has four outlets which is obviously not true. Can someone from PSA check on this?


This is a bug that engineering is aware of. It’s on their list of things to get to but I’ haven’t heard any updates in quite a while. Shouldn’t change the ability to change 1 and 2.

Try using the first 8 Slots with the first being your zone A

Thanks, Rob — that worked. Still would be nice if PSA could fix it.

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FYI. From my old post. The bug was introduced by the latest FW update, I have informed PSA at that time. P12 outlet naming question - #4 by Terrence

FYI March 18 2022, PSA released 2.12, the bug is fixed.


Thank you!

Glad to see it fixed. Had been annoying folks for a bit.

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Too late for me as mine has been returned, annoying indeed, right James?

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As of Sunday noon, when I go to the PowerPlay screen there is no data displayed for the P12 (it is definitely running, since my stereo is playing!). In addition to the new firmware for the P12 unit, might something have been changed on PSA‘s servers that makes older firmware now incompatible?

Edit: checked again this evening and everything now looks okay. I’m not sure what was going on earlier today.

Yeah, just logged in and see that it’s working again. I wonder if there was a little server hiccup earlier.