P12 Scope not working...and multiwave tuning not working

I’ve had the P12 for about 6-7 months now and the scope has always shown a sine wave…now it doesn’t show anything.

Also, when I tried going to MW and clicked ‘phase tune’ it just kept said tuning forever and never stopped.

I keep it on all the time…

Any thoughts?

The obvious question is, did you reboot the unit?


So, I just power cycled everything and it seems to be working now.

…but is this normal? I don’t like to power cycle my components if I can help it.

The fan was also on all the time…now its off…with the same ambient temperature in the room.

Has anyone else has this issue?

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It’s basically a computer that generates a proper sine wave. Ever had to reboot a computer? It’s normal and doesn’t hurt anything.



I’d agree with that and I’ll let it go…just had me worried.

You need to reboot things from time to time. Not often, but its the first step when something is not functioning right.

Tell that to an austronaut in outer space… Hey dude, just reboot and see what happens… See ya…! LOL

Spacecrafts cost a tad more than a P12, and probably take a few more days to design and build, so a reboot in outer space is less likely.

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You’re kiddin’… :rofl:

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Somewhere laying on top of the ceiling in the bathroom I have a Linux Cubox with Roon endpoint installed that has not been rebooted in more then 4 years… Just sayin’…

[Edited] I do admit that well established designs and technologies are less likely to have glitches. Routers, hubs, wi-fi device, as well as music servers have been around for a while. Newer ones are far more robust.

That said I bought an RX350 in 2017, and contrary to what all happy owners say, I think it is my worst vehicle since 1980. So, one could have the only glitchy unit and make a judgement based on their own experience.

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I knew you would come by… I drive BMW, so I can’t share thoughts on your RX350 only that I think it’s a real nice vehicle…

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Touch wood!

Touch wood again :grin:

I have three of them (RX350). 2009, 2012, and 2019. The oldest one has 178K on it. No issues.

Not the best vehicle out there, but mine have been dependable.

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Happy customers come back for more, don’t they?

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Off topic, but I didn’t start it :wink:

I used to work for Toyota in Japan and always bought their cars. My last experience with a 1 year old Lexus changed all that. Unfortunately, the cars are no longer engineered the way they were in the 1990s. Toyota today is all about profit maximization!

After I experienced a major safety flaw in my Lexus, and when Toyota HQ could care less and treated me worse than I have ever been treated, I stopped buying their cars.

I’ve been absolutely thrilled with Mercedes reliabilty, engineering, design, and quality since!


Hey Ryan,
I have had to reboot my P12 for other issues, and rebooting resets
the computer chip software that regulates the entire mechanism.

The issues were always corrected with a simple reboot.

Don’t be shy about rebooting, as you have seen now, it does
solve issues.

Merry Christmas

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Businesses should never take customers for granted!

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I’ve really noticed a decline in options. Wood to plastic, leather to pleather…

My 2019 Lexus RX is an entry level model, and I bought it with limited options. I didn’t even get Navigation on this one since the phone works as a great GPS.

Sold my 2009 RX last month, and still have the 2012 RX.

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