P12 Startup Problem


I am a new owner of a P12 and very happy with the improved sound!

BUT, have encountered a little odd problem with my new P12.

The problem has only happened twice, but clearly disruptive when it happened.

My P12 is a little over a week old, Has almost been turned on all the time. 24/7 with no problems during operation.

The problem with my P12 is on startup, happened twice.
I start with the On/Off button on the front / PS Audio logotype.

What happens is that P12 starts up, I can hear how the relays close / Click.
But it shuts down “immediately” again, and the display flashes
This goes an infinite loop, on, off, on, off, on, off …

After I press the On/Off button on the front a few times everything works as normal again.

I can simulate the problem by holding down the On / Off button and not releasing it.
Then it will be exactly the same on / off in an endless loop. (display flashes)

So the question is if my device’s On/Off button is a bit sticky, or if there is some relay that is bad ?

Had a P12 from my supplier for evaluation for a week, this worked without problems throughout the period.
I started up and switched off that unit several times a day, to perform A/B listening with or without P12.
This worked 100% every time without any startup problems.

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I would contact PSA as that does not sound right - my P12 never behaves this way.

thought I would start posting here in the forum, often Paul or someone from the support usually answer technical questions. if I get no response then I can send an email directly to the support later.

have tested a little more, almost 100% sure there is something with the on / off button, when I use the remote control it seems to work well every time.

it feels like the on / off switch has several modes, should try to explain. If I press lightly with my finger I feel a click, then if I press a little harder it feels like a second click.

If I press lightly until I feel the first click, and then release the finger from the switch quickly, then often the problem with the on / off loop starts. but if I push a little harder so that both clicks occur. then everything seems to work as it should.

don’t know if the on / off switch reality is a multi switch, but it feels so on my p12.

may be me who is too fast, or if a firmware is needed to correct, anyway I will test a little more this weekend

Some advice to try to isolate the problem:

1 - set the outlets to “always on” and hit the power button. the outlets should remain on, even with the power plant display going off. See if it works

2 - set the outlets to “delayed” mode. So they will turn on 3 seconds after you press the power button. See if it works

Based off the original post, I’m almost certain that the standby button is sticky. Very sorry this is happening. Likely a simple button board replacement will do the trick. Reach out to tjt@psaudio.com. He’ll get you up and running in no time.

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I’ve sent TJ 4-5 emails over the past 2 weeks about my P12.

Zero responses or any acknowledgement - is he still around?

Yes, he sure is. Not sure why he didn’t respond. I’ll ping him. My apologies.


Got an update you care to share…?


True to his word @Paul did follow up and I got an email from Mark yesterday asking for the background. I sent them the previous unanswered email chain but again no responses.

I’m beginning to suspect my emails have started going to some junk email filter at PSA and nobody is receiving them.


I just got with TJ and your email was indeed in his junk box. His apologies for that and you should see an email from him shortly.

Thanks, I appreciate the follow up!