PP12 Weirdness

My first hint of a problem? A loud hum in my system. After screwing around with various grounding schemes, I traced the buzz to the PP12 (ultimately plugged everything straight into the wall — buzz is gone)

So, with the PP12 on its own with a couple of non audio loads:

  • with no load, behaves normally (2.1% distortion in, .1% out)
  • with a 5% load, distortion out is about 7%



Note the lowered output voltage.

I’ve talked to PS Audio three times — getting the run around. My PP12 is still under warranty.


Have you contacted @jamesh ?

In case you haven’t yet…power your P12 off with the switch
in the back…wait a few moments the power back up.

Doing this will cause the P12 to reboot it’s firmware…
Something similar happened to mine and rebooting fixed
the issue.

Best wishes

This looks like a dead P12 to me. If you send our service guys the picture above, they’ll get you an RMA. Not certain why you’re getting a run around, it’s clearly not working properly.


I spoke thrice to Mark Simpson

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