P12 Shown white screen

Any body have this screen shown in P12 power plant. Is it normal ?

You’re in the screen calibration mode.

If you touch the 4 corners, it should initialize like normal. This screen shows up if you have the standby button held down while it’s switched on.

I tried touch the 4 corners but no respond, i press the remote home bottom then jump to socket screen.

Weird. Not at all how it works in my experience. Does the touch screen work properly?

The touch screen is working perfect, i just press the dim buttom in remote then press the MW - buttom and wait a few sec then auto jump to the white screen.

A force flash might be called for. James can help. It just occurred to me that it could a programmed short cut from what you described?

When you do this sequence of commands with the remote, is it repeatable every time?