P12 unable to power on

hello everyone, there was a power outage in the building where I live, when I was out attending CanJam yesterday. when I got home, I was able to power up all of my equipment around the house, except for the P12, which powers my headfi rig.

I have tried unplugging the power cord from the P12, plugging the cord back in and flipping the power switch at the back - no joy.

I think I can hear the faint whirring of the fan inside but there is no lights that I can see inside the unit itself and the display is blank.

my dealer has asked me to remove the fuse and I did that. the fuse itself is white, not made of glass and it does not look damaged to me. honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell either ways.

while I await a response from my dealer, I thought I’d come here asking for some advice.

thank you everyone :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about those white stock fuses, where you can’t tell by looking whether it’s blown or not. If you can get your hands on a properly sized fuse locally, that should be a quick and easy check and might very well fix your problem.


what kind of fuse does the P12 use?

The 5x20mm slow (T) 5A is the fuse for the 120v P12.

While waiting for a fuse (I’d get a spare) from PSA, you should be able to go to either a hardware or electronic supply store to get a glass fuse with those specs, it will work just fine.

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If you’re in a 220-230 volt country its a 3 amp slow blow


thank you very much everyone for your help. i changed the fuse and everything is working now :slight_smile:


Great news!

Awesome! Good to hear it’s working now