P12 EU fuse upgrade limit

A few forum members here are going to SR Purple fuses, reporting excellent results in SQ improvement. Mainly for PowerPlants the upgrade seems to be so effective.

P12 EU model (Schuko - 230V) back panel shows a fuse rate of 3AH.

Unfortunately there isn’t a SR fuse model of exactly 3A value. Blue, Orange and Purple ones only are available in 3.15A.

May I go with a different fuse rate? In case of danger issue current what does it mean a 0.15 higher value in slow blow? More time to blow at high current flow, I know, but at what consequence? Is it worth or is it a risk to damage circuits for nothing?

Quiet surprised that SR does not produce this kind of fuse, Audio Magic company also provides Ultimate Premier only 3.15A fuse (cable co and a few other seller website I checked).

I have an order of fuses in stand by because I’m waiting from PS Audio guys an answer (they are always very prompt in reply so I do not want to put them under pressure) otherwise I prefer do not upgrade fuses at all on my 2 P12 and give a try only to other components like SPP, BHK Preamp and PST. Even if it’s a pity not upgrading the component with best results with Purple fuses.

Anyone here who experienced the same limit?

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I can’t answer your question. I will say this, here in the uk, all wall plugs must (should be anyway) be fused, so most uk equipment don’t have fuses in them as there is a fuse in the plug. These plugs are either fitted with 13 amp or 5 amp fuses.

Best to ask jamesh…in my .000001 value of thinking is that .15ma over
rated 3.00 ma value for the fuse is acceptable…

Best to contact jamesh …alias the Whiz Kid"

Best wishes

Thank you, already sent last Monday an email to @jamesh Whiz Kid, he usually answers in a few minute, give him the right time… I’ll report here the solution, of course.

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Here what PS Audio guy answered

Dang, it stinks that they don’t offer the 3A. The engineering team has been very specific now to recommend anything other than what we spec out. The last thing we want is for it to pop and harm something downstream.

Hope that helps.

Anyone know if SR can purchase fuses on request? I’ll ask them but from their website they do not answer very quickly.

I wrote directly to Ted Dennet, CEO of SR to ask if possible to produce a custom fuse of 3A, he kindly answered me to wait till the end of holidays to verify if possible, also for sell the fuse to other PS Audio customer in EU or Asia with the 230V model.

Meanwhile I searched for other brands able to produce a 3A value rate fuse and I found QSA that other here in the forum already mentioned for good performance. Wow! They also produce fuses for 700, 1600 and 2800 euros!!! Anyone tried these ones?

They asked me if the fuse 5x20 mm slow blow that the P12 requires (always 230V EU model!!) use


I really don’t know and I find no mention of this in other threads about fuses.

@jamesh or anyone else can answer?

Thank you.

The stock fuses we use have are a spring type. Dang, 2800 euros seems excessive for a fuse, but what do I know.


I agree, of course!

I would try the QSA Yellow fuse, same price (around 200,00 euros) level as SR Purple fuse, unfortunately not available in 3A value rate at the moment.

Just wondering @jamesh why TJ suggests me that on P12 fuse rolling is not effective. Does it mean that the fuse I need to change to improve SQ into my P12 is not the one in the back panel?

I rolled the fuse into the BHK Preamp and the improvement was clearly audible. If other members here are reporting that the maximum benefit comes from rolling fuse into power plant, I do not imagine how big it probably can be…

What am I missing?

The more expensive fuses are self-installing.


Eh, he’s in a different department. The service team is generally against any tweaking, modding, changing, and opening the units in any way (even though the fuse is so easily accessible). Just opens the door for potential issues. You’d be surprised how many units we receive for warranty repair and the customer makes no mention that they opened it. Our tech guys are always able to know when they do. Cause or correlation… not sure.

No, the only fuse in the P12 is the one on the back panel.

At that price I’d want to install a second fuse to protect my investment, :rofl:


Thank you again James.

Oh I agree, if I need to open a component, other than the fuse in the back panel, I completely abandon the idea! Not a practical guy, my wife laugh because I would call the electrician also for a lamp change at home!

Rolling tubes in my M1200 took 2 hours and I needed a shower at the end!!! Please set them more accessible in future!

Thank you for all your answers, I’ll keep you informed about my next purchase of fuses, if they come in 3A value rate, reporting also eventually improvements in sound, of course.

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You might want to check Hi-Fi Tuning. They make a 5x20mm slow blow 3A fuse (also 3.15A) but whether it’s compatible for EU 230V I don’t know. Considering they are made in Germany you would think so.

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Good choice! They come in silver and copper versions. I use their copper supreme 3 in the P15 regenerator. They source their copper from from George Cardas.

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Thank you.

I can stay with stock fuses, just curious to try brands and models other guys here in this forum are reporting as big improvements…

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