P15 has no power! not booting up. short circuit?

argh! my new p15 has just shut down and won’t restart - has it short circuited? pressing the reset doesn’t reset it and it appears to be dead - how do I reset it and check the fuse didn’t blow? is there a fix or an FAQ somewhere… please let me know how to get my P15 back working again

Try turning the main switch off. Unplug it.

Wait 5”, then plug it back in. Turn main switch on.

If the unit is in protection mode, this should restart it.

Good luck.

thanks for the reply Scotte1 -
been unplugged for 30 mins - plugged back in - still Bricked…

Main fuse is by the electrical plug. Can turn it out with small flat blade screwdriver. Then check for continuity. The fuses are usually opaque can’t see.

First try the blue PS audio switch on front panel while flipping rea panel switch.

A lot of folks have been having P15 failures here lately. Yours sounds like just protection mode.

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Worth a shot…

Suggest trying both suggestions made by @Vmax ^^…

I also suspect the unit is in protection mode.

Good luck.

Does anyone know what type of fuse it is? I think it’s blown

The value is listed on the back panel of the P15. It’s different depending on whether you are in the US or a country with 230 volt power.

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T250 3AH. Thanks guys


I feel like the power plants used to ship with a replacement fuse. Is that accurate?

Actually I have had 3 power plants including my P15 and none brought an extra fuse
included with them…

Best wishes

Yea, you’re right. I was thinking of my old Parasound stuff.

But maybe they should?


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all good - went to Jaycar got a couple of fuses - just in case it goes again… but that indeed was the problem.

Solved - thank you for your assistance. back to full system - it’s incredible how the r15 lifts the soundstage, fills the sound and increases bass depth. Heavenly it is.


It is so rare that we lose fuses in a Power Plant that we never considered the practice but, now that you mention it, it’s a really good idea.


That is great news…what the P15 does for the music is stunning and beautiful!

Best wishes