P15 or 20 issues

Any user has the same experience , with some power connectors eg the brand furutech model FI50-m , you cannot use 2 at the same time vertically in the same zone becoz of their slightly larger in diameter!
Also I found that the metal plate cover at the back of the generator seems a bit too soft or thin , since the whole cover bending when I plug in or pull out the connectors

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Are you using US or Schuko connectors? I use US FI-50M NCF and FI-50M and don’t have the same coverage issues within the same zone.

I use Furutech connectors and have no issues either .

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I’m using US connectors


Yes, odd. I have the FI-50M plugged into a Shunyata Denali and it fits, even with the cradle:

The back of the P15 / P20 looks the same.

The P20 and P15 are bank vault solid. If you’re bending the backplate, you must have Herculean strength. No need for such force. It’s just a plug.

I have issues with AQ UK Mistral plugs when plugged ino the P15 vertically! One brim would overlap that of a previously plugged one! Side by side, they’re ok. Furutech plugs are just fine!

It looks lie you could file a little of the raised flange away and make more room without affecting anything else


Good idea! For the time being, I added other less invasive pluges in the mix and kept the flanged ones side by side! :wink:


You read my mind. That’s an odd looking plug.

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