P15 power plant

Hooking it up to PowerPlay would be very helpful. It would let us know what is happening before the shutdowns. It would also be helpful to know what the load percentage is or how many watts you’re pulling from it regularly. You can get these numbers if you scroll through the scope screen.

Based off what you’re describing and where you hope to go with the JC1+s, I highly recommend getting an additional regenerator and possibly getting a 20A line installed as well. Another P15 or P20 will help distribute the load and you won’t be taxing the regen nearly as much. When it comes to amps and power headroom, overkill ain’t really a thing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Should you decide to add a dedicated 20 amp circuit, do not stop at one, the additional cost is incremental. Just be sure they are fed from the same phase.


Hi BobBr…

Currently have a P15 powering JC5 Oppo 205 udp plus Emotiva XSP1 Gen 2 pre.

Occasionaly on powering up my JC5 from standby the watt useage meter swings over
to max and stay there as the caps on JC5 “fill up”…and will at times shut down the P15,
with red sockets coming on…No problem as P15 designed to self protect…I just press
the on button on the P15 remote or the blue on button on P15 and volia P15 back on.

Then I press power on button on JC5 and away we go…
With everthing on at idle power use is at about 275-300 watts all idle.

While playing music whether 55-60db range or 70-90 db range P15’s watt meter
does not appear to budge…

My speaker are Focal Aria 948s 92 db (fairly efficient)…

2 JC1+ are a different breed needing considerable more power…
so a dedicated 20 amp line with an additional P15 may be in

I have run my JC5 direct to wall…but much prefer how sounds
plugged into my P15…

Wish you the best

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I was able to get the P20 to shut off in 15A mode. It worked fine at ear shattering levels in 20A mode.

Voodoo sells premium converters to switch IEC from 15 A to 20A. I use one from my 20A circuit to a 8awg power cable with a 15A IEC.

Do you think one P20 could handle the job ?

Go with two, as there is a Private Promotion going on. Besides that way @jamesh gets the shady parking spot. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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As the way the system is now, I do think you could get away with 1 P20. Now if you move up to the JC1+s, you’d need to think about getting two and possibly a 20A circuit as well.

the 20amp circuit is definitely going to be done . But i cant justify another 15k unit . I really like the ps audio gear but 30k on power regeneration is a bit over the top . I may look elsewhere. I would have expected that a 15k unit would be able to handle 2 amplifiers

Hey BobBr…

When your P15 shuts down …is that occuring on JC5 power on from standby ?

Hopefully you read my previous post and my JC5 shutting down my P15…

Here is an amazing thread of 2 Emotiva XPA 1’s powere by a P12…
including pics of the watt power meters…and doing a great job of it!

As for me my JC5 is a stunning performer…

Last night I plugged my Oppo 205 udp straight into the JC5’s xlr inputs.
Cranked up Tricycle Flim and the BBs…the famed “jump factor” was far
more than I anticipated…far greater than going thru my preamp.
The stunning quickness and power delivery was quite stunning to say
the least…Sadly had to greatly diminish the volume to keep on the good side
with my neighbors.

In all that my P15 never blinked…

While I would like a pair of JC1+s …in my 15’x25’ L shaped room it is way
more than enough…

Hope this helps on your audio journey…

Best wishes

One P15 can easily handle 2 amplifiers (It powers 2 BHK300s no problem), but when the two amps have the potential to pull 1280W each, you’ll certainly run into trouble. Please keep us posted with your journey.

My handle 3, two that I bi-amp my main-speakers with and one 7-channel power-amp that I use for all my surround channels and center.

Yes, come to think of it, I have 4 power-amps if you count in my active subwoofer.


Am I reviving too old a thread here? Literally speaking, all my gear is connected to a P15, inclusive of HDPlex 300 linear power supply power to four digital playback accessories. Ever since acquiring the P15, I set it to 230v and forgot it. Lately, I read something by Ted to the effect that excess voltage going to capacitors is turned into heat. So, I decided to test the P15 and have it deliver 220v instead of 230v. My digital playback improved. Music is clearer, bass cleaner, and instrumental placement just got better. I cannot say for which component or components benefitted from the change, but I like the improvement. I am yet to assess my analogue setup with 220v.


Good food for thought Serhan !!


Indeed! :ok_hand:

Perhaps, something in the middle to try out, lets say 225v. :thinking:

About the P15, and if let’s say we have something between 232v and 240v on the wall, is there too much effort?

P15 handles my system effortlessly. However, it occurred to me that less heat in the DAC and the pre may be beneficial. I am still experimenting and I will test the analogue front end over the weekend. Trying various voltage setting sounds tempting :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mine too. :+1:
But my effort comment was about the P15 being in effort trying to compensate the 235v/240v on the wall with the 220v output setting, instead the 230v.
Something for PSAudio folks to enlighten.

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Signs of overload known to me include high temperature, excessive load represented by unusually high watts or amps or poor / choppy performance. Moving the needle to 220V did not trigger any of the above (so far). By the way, initial feedback is that analogue playback still sounds better at 230V. So, something in my digital chain likes 220V. It could be the LPS that feeds Nucleus+ and Melco S100.

Back to 230V out!


My power lines clocked 245v+. I am so glad there are power regenerators to control that! Thank you PS Audio.


Wow, your incoming has a big range. My incoming is usually only +/- 4v at most. Cool to see it rock solid at 230v output though!

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