Power play 15shuts down?

I have had my Powerplay 15 since July of this year new out of the box i had all my amps hooked to it and other home theater equipment it would shut off on start up so i disconnected the 5 channel amp, and played music and movies all fine until low Bass note was hit then it would shut down, over the next few months i slowly removed all amps and all was fine no shut downs. now that Powerplay is up and running if i am reading the charts correctly my Max wattage output was 270, so why would this cause the unit to go into shut down mode? with all amps attached i had the capability of 2500 watts output. so should i have bought the bigger unit?
Mike Henrie
2 classe m600 1 classe 5300 and F12 subwoofer LG TV Oppo 205

That equipment list would strain even a P20.

Keep in mind PowerPlay displays the average over the last hour for each data point, not the peak output.

Even if the P15 would handle all that gear you can’t have it all turn on at the same time.

Yes, even 2500W is a lot for a P20. If you want to plug your amps into a PowerPlant, I’d highly recommend getting a second one to distribute some of that power. They are on sale right now so this would be a great time to get one.