P20--arrival and installation

Oxford commas, too… Diddeboppers don’t know nor care what we’re writing about.

I like the Oxford comma. Its use often makes a sentence more clear.

In general, commas matter. Compare:

Let’s eat, Grandma!


Let’s eat Grandma!

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OK, had to look up diddebopper… in the urban slang dictionary… only found diddy bopper, assume that was the word…

It’s not “girl that”, it’s “girl who” :grinning:

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WOW! I use ‘diddeebopper’ to label young, mindless rock’n’rollers.

The Oxford comma I mentioned is the last in a series of words, such as ‘I went to the store for bacon, eggs, and coffee’… Most writers do not use it, as in ‘I went to the store for bacon, eggs and coffee’.

Yes, of course. I was illustrating another use of commas.

Have received and installed the new input-powercord… It uses the same 6-times-11g. cable* I used for my long cables to the Atma-Sphere poweramps, and AQ silver-over-copper ends, this time a combination of the 1000-series male plug and a new Mistral-series 20-Amp. IEC outlet… Looks and works just finely.

The AQ IEC end grips quite a bit more tightly on the P20’s inlet than the Furutech did.

  • …again, wired as 3 conductors of 8g.
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Thanks for posting the temperature measurements! I also check my temps with a Braun infrared touchless thermometer (it has a mode for measuring objects like boiling water).
In my case, I’m using a rack cooling fan from AC Infinity.
I’m seeing 113F to 122F when measured on the top front of each side’s cooling fin. That’s after 7 hours, with just under 1000W being generated.
On the front (not display) it’s about 95F, which matches your readings.
That’s basically in line with your numbers, accounting for the fact mine is producing way more power.
And the temps do not seem to be increasing.

I have also heard that amps normally run at 122-140F, so we are probably below this, even though these are internal temps vs heat sink temps.

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Have you taken a look at the temperature as reported by PowerPlay?

For my P20, generating 425W, I typically see 34C to 36C (93F to 97F). I have not taken a thermometer to the outside, but I expect similar numbers as otherwise reported.

I was not aware the P20 could report its internal temps! I will connect it at some point to the internet, but I can’t for a while because I need help to pull it out and connect an ethernet cord (not to mention I do not have a wired router nearby)…

If you’re at about 35C @425W and I’m at ~50C generating 1000W (after 6-7 hours), that probably makes sense. I’m outputting more than 2X the power you are, yet heat is not 2X higher.
For researching online, amps like to run at 50-60C on average.

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I must say that the improvement from P5 to P20 was not at all small or trivial! About a month ago, when I picked up the P20, I posted in this Forum that I couldn’t see how things could improve — that’s how pleased I was with the P5.

Not to repeat what everyone else says, but the improvements are to both audio and video. For audio, the biggest difference is the reduced noise. Crucially, this is the line noise I would hear, which I traced to my Sony projector on certain content, like the Apple TV menus — that’s basically gone now. The other big difference is the dynamic range - wow! It’s like upgrading the amp!

Video looks “cleaner”, more detailed, and clearer. 1080P looks more like 4K, and it was already running through a Lumagen Radiance Pro with an upgraded power supply with the P5.

Well done PS Audio! And thank you to everyone on this forum who helped as I was contemplating the decision and how to install the behemoth that is the P20.


I also went from a P5 to a P20. The improvement in audio is striking. (I do not do video.)

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I’m ecstatic over my P15. Improvements are not subtle. With this, it is truely amazing how much garbage was there before and how these just illustrate the difference the absence of garbage makes.


Myself as well…can’t say enough for my P15 as well !!

And me! I’ve been so spoiled for so long, it’s hard to imagine a system without a PowerPlant.

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I really need some help here, currently I do not own one or have heard one, but I want one.

I can’t work out which to get. One view is to buy the cheap pp3 and just power my Auralic G2, Farad3 (matrix), DSD-snr, krell 202 preamp - will pp3 cope with all that?

Or blow 10k on P20, but I’m concerned I won’t get enough clearance from my Quadraspire rack, plus I believe it will heat the room too much in the summer.

I could buy a P15 that will fit, but not sure it has enough grunt to additionally power 300W Dan d’Agustino classic amp + active Martin Logan Speakers which each have 200w amps built in.

P.s. 240V uk power source

Any advice / recommendations appreciated

Look for Michael Fremer’s Stereophile column next month (April issue) for what I anticipate will be some very favorable comments about the PS20 (for his power amps) & 15 (all other components)


Poor me, using a P12 for everything…

Now, now, now…just wait for a special on the regenerators…

and you can then go wow, wow. wow…

Someone will be happy to take your P12 off your hands…

and that’s how I see it for now :innocent: