What to plug in where and why? (P20)

I have a P20 on it’s way and I just read the manual online here. I either missed it completely or it doesn’t exist: What is the best way to plug in various components into a P20? I have Monoblock Poweramps, a pair of Subwoofers, a Preamp, Turntable, PWT and DSD, a computer, a network switch, and probably a few more things.
Did I miss where this is addressed? I looked for a topic and found none.

There’s no hard and fast rules for which outlets to use for which gear on the P20. Basically, the best bet is to keep things grouped by category.

So you’ll want your monos on the high current zone together, and the subs on their own high current zone.

Also keep the digital gear (DSD and PWT) together, and the computer and network switch together.

I’d have the turntable and preamp on their own zones.


It’s been mentioned before, I believe, that one should segregate analog from digital. And obviously HC is where your amps go. Oh–and it’s best if you wear white socks when plugging or unplugging. :grinning:


Would the BHK 300s have any real benefit from plugging into the high current outlets?

My understanding is that the high current outlets only limit the current surge when the outlet is initially energized from the P20’s power switch.

Since the BHKs are “on” in standby and draw about 75 watts each, they should not be unpowered by the P20 in most cases.

Is my understanding correct?

The HC zones are just to limit start up current draw, that’s correct. After power up, they function the exact same as any of the other outlets, providing perfect regenerated power.

So there’s not really a special benefit beyond that in-rush limiter on start up. If you wanted you could run your amps on any of the outlets and it would all perform the exact same.

And just to confirm, in rush current limiting only occurs when that outlet is switched on by the P20?

And I thought I read here somewhere that you should not power up PS Audio gear allowing them to be switched on and then adding power. As in you leave all the gear in a switch state of on, but cut the power upstream. As in, power everything off and on via the P20. (does that make sense?)

I have been letting all my gear run 24x7, assured that none of it uses much power at idle. My power bill hints otherwise.

That is correct. It won’t do anything if you switch the power on and off in the unit itself.

Thanks Paul.

I suspect that many Power Plant owners do not realize this fact.
The owner’s manuals do not even mention high current outlets let alone how they work.

Idle power consumption does change based on what you’re running. For instance, the DirectStream DAC consumes 20 watts in idle - pretty manageable and you likely won’t notice it on your bill. The BHK amp, though, consumes 75 watts in idle. If you have the monos that can add up.

So it mostly comes down to preference. Powering the gear down fully can save a good bit of power in the long run, though from a performance perspective it’s better to keep the gear warm and ready to go.

Regarding the BHK pre and amps, to lower the electric bill, I read that a 2 hour warm up for the tubes sake is nice for most listeners. Any logic to this procedure.

2 hours should be sufficient time for the tubes and circuitry to warm up. We leave the BHK amps and Pre in standby all the time so I don’t really have any experience hands on when it comes to this, though.