Receptacles on the P12

I am looking forward to taking delivery of my P12 this week. I’ve read through the online manual already, but don’t see any recommendations as to which components should be connected to which receptacles. Is there a preferred pair for high current draw components such as my power amp and powered subwoofer? Should the amp and sub be connected within the same zone? Are there preferred receptacles for digital components? Any other connection advice would be appreciated!

Zone D is identified as “high current” on the back. I assume this means this zone has an in-rush limiter for equipment which places a heavy load on the electrical system upon power up - such as large amps.

If you have a piece which causes the lights in your house to dim when turned on, I would plug that into Zone D.

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If you have something that causes the light to dim in your house when turned on, I think you’ll need something bigger than a P12…