Standby Power Consumation P5

Can not find the Standby Powerconsumation Specs. Does anyone know?
Thanks a lot

Not really answer your question. @jamesh will know. Here is my P12 standby shows 0.6W (you bet the actual power consumption from draw from the wall outlet will be higher, I think.)

I would think the answer to that depends on whether or not you have any outlet set to always on. I have the outlets for my preamp, CD player and power amps set to always on. Those components sit in a standby mode. Obviously, they’re being fed power and I’m sure there’s some small loss in the conversion which would add to the power consumption of a P5, or in my case, P12.

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The rated power consumption in standby is about 30W. I just checked because I was curious and it was sitting at a happy 10W set to switched and with nothing plugged in.

Hi James
Thank you so much.
Of course, that’s way too much in this day and age, which is why I’ll always turn off the P5 completely from now on.
Does it eigendlich a clearly audible sonic disadvantage, if I put a Bluetooth controlled switch between PW-P5 and PW-AC5?

That’s a good question. I notice if I turn on my system from a cold start, it does take a while for it to sound the way it should. Now how much of that is the PowerPlant? I think very little. I think the more susceptible units to the cold start up are the pre and amps. I’m doubtful the PowerPlants have much of a warm-up period. This is of course a pretty tricky theory to test though…

Do you happen to know what the rated power consumption in Standby is for Power plant Premier? Thanks