Power regenerator

Hi to all user, will you keep the regenerator always on or put it in stand by mode once not playing the music

I leave mine on 24/7 unless I’m traveling or there is lightning in the area. In that case I power it down and unplug it from the wall.


As far as I know the unit is always on unless the power switch in the back is turned off. When the PS light is off, the unit is in standby mode which is what I do when not using.

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I leave it on 24/7 except on hot days in the summer. On such days, I put in standby, which is programmed to turn off the outlets sequentially.

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During the stand by mode does it mean it has no power feeding to those plugged equipment ?

Yes, no power to anything plugged in standby mode.

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I keep my P15 on 24/7 power usage minimal…

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As a power regenerator, does the quality of the ac power cord which feed the regenerator a matter ?
Paul seems using super expensive AQ dragon for the regenerator?

Many find that it matters.

Unless you configure for power always on, so it feeds even in standby.

Indeed it does with my P15…

Good to know, Thanks!

I think it matters even more than the rest of the cords. I never heard dramatic differences between power cords until I started swapping the one for P15. To my ears, it can sound like changing a major component.

Currently settled on a cord made by GR-Research.

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I upgraded to A Dragon HC 20Amp after using a Iconoclast 20Amp BAV. The clarity, soundstage, Bass, and speed of how the music sounded improved. It however doesn’t address all issues with RF or EMF of the other parasitic cords. Improvements to those cords with better RF shields is also beneficial. The RF Drain being all silver and its RF I blocking and graphene filter still let’s all other power improvements add up.

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