P20 Remote failure

The P20 suddenly stopped responding to the remote control commands. What to do?

Power reboot the P20.
If that does not work, new batteries for the remote.

Batteries are brand new. Reboot does not help…

Let’s get you some help on Monday. If the suggestions for batteries and power cycle don’t work, we may need to send you a new remote control.

Thank you for your swift response. However, I have 2 remotes - the original and one programmed Philips Pronto. None of them works any more with the P20.
So the fault is not wirh the remote.

Is the touch screen working properly?

Yes it does and everything else, except the remote function.

Can you elaborate on the Pronto programming, what does it control on the PP?
That’s a Pronto Pro TSU 9200/9600/9800 right?

The functions on the Pronto are exactly the same as on the original P20 remote. Codes are available on PSA website.

So that’s power on/off, MW, display on/off, arrow buttons etc? The Pronto sends these via the Pronto extender, or directly via IR? I’d like to add this functionality to my Pronto, but I’ve only got as far as RS232 stuff, not IR.

These are all IR codes. You can let your Pronto learn these codes from the orig remote. Read the Pronto manual.

Hi warnhoff,

So sorry to hear that you are having trouble.
As you have confirmed that the remote is not a factor I ask that you please reach out to me at service@psaudio.com.

We need that unit’s serial number and want to ask some detailed questions about the P20 so we can get this solved for you and get you back to enjoying the P20.


  • Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,
There are now even more faults so I have asked my supplier to deal with this.