P20 unresponsibe to remote


After upgrading to firmware 1.23, my P20 is unresponsive to the remote. Is anyone else experiencing this? Already hard reseted, to no avail


Upgraded to 1.22 a few weeks ago and everything is working fantastic: remote, and no display or cycling ON/OFF issues.


I suggest reloading the previous firmware which worked for you, perform a reset, and reloading the update.


I will try. Just to be sure: what exactly do you call resetting? Power cycling?


Yes, I am thinking of turning the unit off, perhaps unplugging it, and letting it sit for five minutes or so to let if fully power down. These critters are essentially specific purpose computers.


I’ve been at 1.23 for over two weeks, and everything works fine.

Stupid questions: Remote batteries? No obstructions between the remote and the bottom of the P20? (I say this because I thought my remote was dead at first, but it was the edge of my coffee table blocking the view to the bottom of the unit.)



Not stupid questions in the least. It is easy to forget the basics. It is good you reminded us. :slight_smile:


I Will do the rain dance. As a matter of fact, I had never used the stock remote. I used a Logitech universal. The stock got out of the box when the Logitech became unresponsive


This happened to my P15 on 1.23. I had the display dimmed, at some point the display reverted to on. When I went to dim it with the remote it was unresponsive as were all other remote commands. I resolved it by touching a ‘button’ on the screen, the remote became responsive after that.


This also happens to me. Touching the screen seems to “wake up” the remote. But the unresponsiveness (not sure this word exists) happens wether the screen is fully dimmed or not. All it takes is to leave the unit by itself for some time.