P20 remote gone zombie

Just have a short power outage. P20 was switched off for 10mins. After switching back on, the P20 is now totally unresponsive to my remote.

The red LED on the remote when any button pressed looks quite bright to me. But nonetheless fresh battery just in case. No, P20 is still unresponsive. Touch screen and other functionality all fine.

Dug up some previous leads on the forum here … I went to reload the firmware with SD card. Nothing

Any clues please? It’s annoying but not disrupting my listening ….

Just a long shot, remove any ethernet cable that may be plugged into the P20 then unplug the P20 (make certain the rear power switch is off) and remove the batteries from the remote for an extended period of time. Reinstall new batteries in remote, verify ethernet cable is not hooked up
to P20, verify P20 rear power switch is off then plug P20 in wall outlet. Repower P20 and allow it to boot up. Now try your remote. If it works great, and I suggest not reinserting the ethernet cable. If this does not work contact PS Audio technical support. It s possible the IR receiver is non-functional.


Nope. Doesn’t work

You are welcome all the same. Request TJ at Technical Support, 800-772-8346.

Thanks. I did drop an email to PS’ service. See any viable fix then.

Strange that a power outage would have caused this but I guess anything can happen. Keep us posted with any updates.

Maybe really is dead remote. The P20 is still unresponsive to the remote, but everything else work just fine.

Strange affairs I should say.

Linking to my other thread….

My P20 is still unresponsive to remote input though. Any suggestion James? Really a wonky remote?

There’s potential it’s something very simple like a cable came loose that connects the IR sensor to the board. If you’ve tried a different remote then I’m guessing this is the case. Having your dealer check it out is probably the best option.

Oops. The weight of this beast …. Lol. Anyway. Maybe I will bear with this for awhile, then bring it for a check up later when I will do my annual Hi-Fi-cleaning (dismantle the whole gig, clean everything and and put back together)

I had exactly the same problem with a P15. The only solution was to replace the entire display withy IR sensor…