P20 Zone B no power

I lost power from the top outlet on zone B from my P20! Just stopped working one day. The lower has power but the top zero. Anyone hear of this before? I email PSA.

Factory reset did nothing

I found the outlet to be the fault. If I slightly push on any power cord that is plugged into the outlet to the right or left I get power. So it appears to be an outlet failure. Not sure if PSA will need it back or if the outlet is easy to replace?? I assume not since it’s a a buss bar.

You could try the old home boy trick and spread or squeeze the blades on the plug. It might do the trick for the short term anyway.

Tried it. Nope. The grip pushed prongs in once it’s all the way in it looses contact. I’ll wait to see what PSA says. No rush, I don’t need those outlets. Just want it corrected ( warranty ). Not sure if the outlets are easy to replace? I doubt it.

It appears as though they are “standard” PSA Power Port outlets and if so should be straightforward to change out.