Problem with P15 Zone A

Anyone else have problems with ZONE A or any other Zone on their P15?

My Zone A will turn on and off using the front panel / widow. But when plugged in normally a device like my Power Amp will not turn on, unless I apply sizeable continuous force, pressing and holding the plug into the P15 outlet. Obviously kneeling behind the unit pushing in the power amp plug means I can’t listen to the system.

The P15 otherwise has worked fine since I purchased it in 2019. It seems something is no longer making sufficient contact inside the P15 outlet. I just messaged PS Audio’s Customer Serices and I’m sure I will hear back from them soon.

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Anything unusual or different regarding the amp cable you are plugging into the Zone A outlet? Just a guess, but possibly the power cord lugs are oversized. The outlets utilized in the P15 are known for their tremendous grip on power cord lugs in general. Otherwise maybe as you suggest the outlet is compromised from previous use and needs to be replaced.

No, nothing unusual, different or exotic about the amp power cable, lugs are a standard size and have been plugged into the P15 continuously for the past 2 years. Then suddenly last night only that one Zone had problems.

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Just curious, but have you tried a different power cord to determine if the results are the same? Maybe even a lamp cord or simple extension cord, just to test the outlet.

Yes, I tried different cheap and expensive three, and even two pronged plugs into both outlets on Zone A. The results are the same. They only work if I push them hard into the back of the P15 and hold them there.

Sounds like the outlet safety shutters are acting up. They are an engineering foible rather than marvel.

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I’d contact the mothership, PSA technical support, at this point. Maybe @JamesH will chime in with a suggestion or two. As Vmax indicated most likely the outlet shutters are misbehaving.

I’ve never heard a zone going bad after a few years. Usually if it’s acting up, it’s the entire unit won’t power gear up. Did you try plugging other gear into that zone?

Yes. I have tried plugging in multiple pieces of gear and multiple different power cords. The other outlets all work fine.

The P 15 uses internal buss bars it may be that the connection to the zone A has become loose. I have never seen the inside of my P 15. That is what your problem sounds like to me though.

Thanks. I still have not heard back from PS Audio. I guess email us not the best route to reach them.

A telephone call is best.

Where did you send the email? Or rather what address?

The “Help Desk” filled out the form that is there. I just sent another email to the address listed on that page. With my schedule it’s tough to find time during the day to call.

I want to thank everybody for your help and suggestions. As someone suggested the P15 needed to be shipped and returned back to the mothership. Hopefully the repair and likely outlet refitting will be completed quickly. I’m keeping my hopes up it returns to my home port before the much-anticipated Iconoclasts SPTPC Series II cables arrive.

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