Should I leave my Stellar P3 Always On?

I remember I saw a video long time ago, and Paul was saying it was better to leave audio equipment on.

Does that apply to power components too?

Also, how much electricity is used monthly if my P3 is always on?

The manual should give the current draw at idle but it will be pretty low.

Yes, keep it on all the time, unless you are going away for a few days or there is an electrical storm.


I would agree that leaving the regenerator on at all times is the best method for using it. All the regenerators we have in the factory listening rooms are kept on 24/7. This allows for power to continue to pass to the attached gear which allows them stay warmed up. The power draw just for the regenerators is pretty minimal it’s right around 35 watts.

If you look at stellar-p3-regenerator-first-impressions-updated you can see my measured power values.

cool, thanks everyone!

Leave the power on as leave it in idle or fully on?

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Hi Mike,
My understanding is fully on.

Thanks sir

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Yes, I recommend fully on. If you want the lights to shut off, you can hit the dim button on the remote. The only reason I ever turn mine off is if I’m going on vacation or something.

Hi @jamesh,

Do you know why the dim button does not turn off (or at least dim) the large square PS Audio logo? I sure wish it did.


Yeah, I believe it’s a simple design choice. Possibly to help alleviate the potential confusion of whether its on or not. It seems like the newer Stellar gear’s logo light stays brighter compared to the PW gear. At least this is the case for my gear.

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Thanks Jamesh,
Surely a design choice. I just find it odd, as the dim button is there to remove the light from the unit, yet the largest light source remains on. :disappointed: