P3 Internal Webpage

I’ve just hooked up my P3 with a wireless ethernet bridge and the blue light on the P3 display panel blinks on and off and when I type http://powerplant into my computer as the instructions say…I get the message “Safari can’t open the page”?!
When I go to my Command Center on the PS Audio Website I get information about voltage in and voltage out and THD in and THD out…?
What is going on…and what should I do…?

On the ps Audio Web page the is a line labeled “LAN IP address”, type that address into your browser and it should get you there. Safari has issues with the hostname lookup.


Hi Dennis,

I must be challenged…

I’ve looked at every page of the PS Audio Site and can’t seem to find "LAN IP address anywhere…? Exactly where should I be looking?

I just found the IP address… but when I typed it into my browser I get:-

“Safari Can’t Open the Page because the Server where this page is located isn’t responding”



I’m sorry. That must be a page availible only to PSAudio. Can you tell me your UnitId? and IU will get you your local IP address.


My Unit ID is 096127

Serial No. P3-AO-36096127


LAN IP address:



He tried that IP address. My address is the same (as seen on the My Devices/Control PSA page and verified with fing). I get the same result with Safari and Firefox (both on my MacBook Pro). Safari has no problems displaying the Bridge page.

It looks like there is some issue with your P3. TRy power cycling and check the IP addres again.



If there is something wrong with my P3…why can I see all the information in the Command Centre under ‘Control’ in ‘My PS’…?

When you say “try power cycling”…do you mean turn the unit on and off?..because I’ve done that…!

Now when I put the LAN IP address in (on both Safari and Firefox)…I get info that the address should be and that leads me to my Router Webpage?

What am I supposed to do with that…?


I sounds like the P3 web interface is corrupt or something else is wrong. There is a seperate interface that talks to our wed site.


halcroman said Hi, .... What is going on....and what should I do..?
Your P3 is calling home and you can access it from the WAN side: can I ask why you particularly need to access the P3 web UI from the LAN side? Assuming the configuration computer is on the same subnet as the P3, just enter the LAN IP being reported in the powerplay in the browser and it will access the internal web pages. So the LAN IP that Dennis gave you does not work? What is the LAN IP of the configuration computer?

If the P3 is registered, connected to the PS Audio web site and giving me all the ‘real time’ information I need…I don’t need to connect via the LAN IP at all…as far as I can tell?

Thanks for all your help…

halcroman said If the P3 is registered, connected to the PS Audio web site and giving me all the 'real time' information I need.....
Not all information, but most. You'll find there are random hourly gaps in the power play performance data. And once we arrive at Jan 1, 2015 all the 2014 performance data is dumped from the server (or it used to be, see what happens).

p.s. I like your forum moniker @halcroman!