p5 audio BURNED


So… I live in Brazil and I was on a negotiation with a guy who owned a p5 and was selling it, because It did not met his expectations. I went to his house, to inspect the unit (a 120v unit) and he plugged it on a 220v outlet, by mistake. On the exact second he turns the back switch on, BANG. The unit was burned. So the deal is on hold because he said he’ll take the unit to be serviced, but I really doubt it will be by an authorized technician (I don’t even know if there’s one here)… The thing is, what could have been damaged, besides the fuse?


It could have done a lot of damage, unfortunately. The fuse protects but if you hit it on the up cycle of the incoming waveform you can wipe out the entire power supply. It needs someone to look at it.

Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.

I´ve just got a call from that guy and he said that the unit had it´s fuse replaced and now it´s working… at least, the unit is turning on. Is there a way to test if the power regeneration is properly working? Would it be turning on if something else was damaged, like in this case of hitting the up cycle of the incoming waveform?


That’s good. If the unit turns on it’s likely you’re just fine. Look on the front panel touch screen and choose the scope. There are three four views, incoming, outgoing, difference and then numbers. Go to the numbers screen and see if the outgoing THD is lower than the incoming and if so, you’re fine.