P5 Tripping out

Hi all
I have a P5 had a new re-generator 7 months ago by the distributor here in the uk.
Over the last few days i’ve been having problems with it tripping with no indication on screen.
It has been quite warm here the last few weeks and i wonder if this is the problem. The P5 sits upon a townshend isolation platform with a shelf 25mm above, i’m thinking this is not enough.
what is the temperature setting for tripping, and should it indicate a problem.
Any help will be appreciated , i don’t and really can’t afford a big repair bill after the last repairs.
Look forwards to ant help.

What percentage load are you running it? Does it have decent space below it? As in not a heat source below it?

Can you elaborate on that? The P5 is older than 3 years since new and you had to pay for an out-of-warranty repair, right?

Like Brodric, I’m a bit curious, was it out of warranty? If so, send me an email at jamesh@psaudio.com. If it is indeed a regen failure, I’ll work out something sweet for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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