P5 has restarted twice in 12 hours, why?

I normally have the front screen off. Twice in the past 12 hours I have noticed that the unit screen was on, with all zones off. I am assuming something happened to trigger a re-start.

The first time I had left four zones on, on the second occasion only one was on. On both occasions the P5 would have been drawing 40-50W. I noticed nothing odd happening elsewhere in the house. The normal suggestion is to plug in devices one by one and see if it recurs? Is there any other diagnostic or symptom to look for?

Minor detail, the IP address shown on the PSAudio Control menu does not update when the P5 gets a new IP address. There have been some changes in routers and IP addresses here, presume that would not have caused the re-start?

Sounds to me like you may have experienced some momentary power outages - some are quick and can trip the P5. Keep an eye on it and let us know.

How long would they have to last, seconds or bits of seconds?

Seperately I have started rotating the devices that were connected to that zone (there were 3 lower power digital devices) in case one of them is misbehaving.

Let you know if anything comes to light.