SHORT CIRCUIT indication p5

It’s always on. Everything works. But today I get 4 red outlet signs. Rebooted and they returned. The cleaners were here today but without crawling behind the TV rack, I don’t think the woman could have caused it. HELP? Is there a reset? Ideas? Many thanks.

Unplug EVERYTHING from the P5 and let it sit overnight. Next day plug in only the input power for the P5. If all is okay, plug the equipment in to the P5, one piece at a time, check for proper power to the unit, then plug in the next until all are connected or something happens to require further investigation. If a fault does occur with multiple loads connected, unplug all, cycle the P5 and plug the piece in that triggered the fault. If that works okay but adding others triggers a fault then you might need to contact PS Audio for service.