P12 Owners What Cables Fit?

P12 owner here who just discovered that a lot of larger-barrel power cords are a tight fit in the HC outlets and many will not fit if you use the same cable to power the P12. The P12’s power connection is adjacent to the HC outlets.

In my case, I was trying to use three of the Iconoclast BAV PCs.

Momentarily setting aside the irritation that there should be any combination of power cables that do not fit in a +$5K audiophile power appliance, I want to find out what cables other P12 owners are using.

If you have or had a P12 – and especially if you use both HC outlets – let me know what works for you.


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I can add a response too :slightly_smiling_face: because I previously ran Shunyata Venom HC’s which have relatively smaller molded plugs. Those fit and seemed to be well-made. I had no immediate complaint with the sonics, but I speculated that I might be able to do better.

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You can also leave one open, I believe. Doing so opens up most or all end options.

I had a custom cable built by AudioEnvy of the “Mega” variety. Quite affordable compared to some PCs. I know it’s supposed to be my best PC, and it’s probably not. I did try my best, of course. I’ll post a picture later if you’re interested. I’d love to get a tweak idea or two from one of the PC tweak gurus around.

Ok, well now that this has been brought up, I have to add a couple observations:

  1. To the OP: The dual receptacle outlets used in the back of the P12 are the same standard distance as what you would find in your wall. Thus any PC should be specified to fit a standard duplex outlet. However, the complicating factor is that they are placed one on top of another - this causes some folks clearance issues.

  2. The more concerning clearance issue for me is how close the input PC receptacle is to the first outlet receptacle. If one were using, say, all AudioQuest Thunder PCs, they would all plug in fine aside from the input receptacle. The clearance is no where near the space needed. I ended up using two IEC C13 to C14 adapters and then had to use a right angle IEC adapter. Kinda defeats the purpose of using a high-end cable to feed your P12 right?

CONCLUSION: The back panel is not a great design, and one that I bet was discovered in the Alpha test phase. I am convinced that there weren’t adequate options / solutions given the real-estate back there. The engineers / designers probably ended up compromising as otherwise they would have been forced to reduce the number of outlets.

No, I can’t. I have M1200’s, so I need to use both HC outlets.

All of the P12 outlets are arranged in a single horizontal line. Further up the product line, the outlets in each zone are stacked.

Well said. That’s what I meant, but I should have drawn a picture as my descriptions are not very helpful.

That’s right. I have the M1200s, too. Here’s that custom cable in action:

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Thanks for the photo. So that is two custom cables from Audio Envy next to each other in the HC outlets?

Nope. Those are standard Decware DHC3s. Only the AE Mega (purple) is custom.

The one in the middle is a Cardas Clear, but with a bigger barrel. Not all Clear models have that end…and they are a bit too big for the P12 (even though I’m clearly using it with the P12). Most Clear pcs have a more friendly small end that would probably work in place of the custom one. HTH. Following.

Those are standard Decware DHC3s. Only the AE Mega (purple) is custom.

I see that a right angle connection is an option for the AE Mega. From your photo, it looks more like a standard (straight) C13 female connector. I take it you prefer the DHC3’s since you have a set of those for the M1200’s or was there a fit problem using three DHC3’s?

Never tried 3, and think that would be an problem with those three. The biggest issue for cables with the P12 is, with no doubt in my mind, the female end from the wall – like you seem to be saying.

Do the ICONOCLASTs not fit anywhere next to each other, or just HC because of the female end from the wall?

If I disconnect the P12 power cable, then I can get two BAV’s to snuggle with each other in the HC outlets. @tomhail described the problem more accurately:

The more concerning clearance issue for me is how close the input PC receptacle is to the first outlet receptacle.

So the problem is not two adjacent large-barrel PC’s (although that is also tight with the BAVs), it’s three large barrel PC’s with two in the HC outlets and another one running the P12.