Trouble with P12 receptacles

I have a new P12. It made an immediate gain in performance. Impressive upgrade. However, I have trouble plugging some cords into it. This is a replacement of my first one that had a dead Zone D. Two Wireworld Aurora 7’s connect to M1200’s. Only one will actually plug into Zone D and work. The other will work in Zone C. I can get something else to work when plugged into the other receptacle at Zone D (a light ungrounded plug). I’ve got another plug that’s so loose that I had to duct tape it. Audioquest power cables seem to work best. I had no problems with plugging anything into my old P5 (traded in) or new Stellar P3. Anybody else had issues like this? BTW, PS Audio has been great in addressing this with me.

power cords from the PSA packages, plug into zone D, or any other sockets are nice and tight on my P12.

This sound likes a problem to me.

Every outlet should be identical and have identical behavior. I would keep our tech support guys in the loop. This is not expected behavior with the P12.

Thanks. I’ve talked to support. The general idea is that it’s the cables, not the receptacles.