P5 in Multiwave with Walker Motor Controller

I have a Walker Motor Controller that drives my VPI Classic 4 turntable. With the Controller hooked up to my P5 in sine wave mode, my measured turntable platter speed wow and flutter is an average of ± 13%, as measured by the RPM app on my iPhone. Without the P5, with the Controller hooked up to the wall, I’m getting about ± 17%, so clearly the P5 is helping. But does anyone know if it’s ok to use Multiwave, because when I activate it, I noticed a slight increase in transformer hum coming from the Controller’s chassis. The speed stability seems unaffected. I’ve submitted the same question at the Walker Audio site.

Does Multiwave ever pose a problem in general? Does it make downstream equipment work harder, even with sonic benefits?


My recollection from past recommendations is to not use multi-wave with motors. Motors generally (?) need a steady 60 Hz waveform to operate correctly. Multiwave confuses the motor with multiple waveforms.

But with the Walker Controller in between, which itself regenerates the sine wave, I wouldn’t think that would be an issue,

Hmmm, probably right about that. However, not knowing how they “regenerate” the sine wave it could still be an issue. Kind of surprised no one else has posited a theory.