P5 in perpetual "Initializing" state

MY P5 doesn’t boot up pass the initializing screen. I have tried reset, took it out of the system and tried with no device plugged in, and tried botting up with the firmware that is available on the PSA website.

Anything else I could try to get it back?

Thank you,

Welcome and thanks for writing. Will the P5 essentially just stay in the initializing screen for hours without turning off?

Yes, it just stays on without turning off.


I just emailed you some FW files. Try and update the P5 with these files and let me know if it fixes the problem.

Hi James,

Thank you for sending the FW files. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the problem. When I power on, using
the back-panel power switch:

  • the touch screen lights up with the initialization screen blinking/flickering
  • I hear one fan working for a little bit
  • 10-12 seconds later, a single click can be heard
  • and the unit goes into perpetual initializing state (the screen blinks/flickers constantly, not sure it is because it cycles through attempts to initialize or for another reason)

There is no noticeable difference between powering up with the SD card (tried with the FW files from the website and from your attachment) and powering up without a card in the unit.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to get “unstuck?” I can send you video of the powering up procedure if it helps.


OK, thanks for the update. It kind of sounds like it may be a sticky standby button. Specially with there being no difference with the FW files I sent you. Yes, any chance you could post a video of the sequence you’re seeing?

A quick note, Allen, you will need to send any video file directly to jamesh@psaudio.com as we only allow picture files on the forum.

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