P10 - stuck on Initialization screen

Hi ……. UK owner of P10, around maybe 6 years of age?
I raised the recent thread about the touch screen coming on by itself and the remote not responsive.
I’ve recently had to restart my P10 and I find it now gets stuck on the Initialization phase.
I hear a couple of clicks during the early part of the process and then nothing, says with the blue screen stating Initialization.
I’ve tried the following to resolve:-

  • Numerous switch ons.
  • Re-installed current firmware, .41.
  • Installed old firmware, multi-wave version, followed by current version again.
    Nothing works.
    I’ve reached out to Kevin the UK distributor, still awaiting a response from him.
    If anyone has any ideas for me to try that would be great.
    With the P10 supplying power to both my music and home cinema systems, it’s pretty dire when it’s not operating.

Hi sheridd2,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.
Sorry to hear that you are having this trouble.

If you would, please contact me directly at jeremyb@psaudio.com.

I’ll furnish you with forceload firmware for the P10.
As well I’ll make sure that you get in touch with our UK distro.
Thanks in advance,

  • Jeremy
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Mine did this last night as well. Email sent.