PPP failing?


When I try to adjust V Out using the tiny set screw recessed in the bottom plate, nothing happens. V Out remains a constant 3-4 V above V In, which varies from 226-235 V.


THD Out is identical to THD In.

Connected components are receivng power, but is it regenerated power?

I’ve tried powering everything down and disconnecting from the wall outlet.

The results are the same with nothing connected or with everything.

Diagnosis? Cure?

Al Jones (in Denmark)

If the THD in and out are the same then try a microprocessor reset.

It’s a long time since I’ve had to do this but, from memory: disconnect all loads, unplug PPP from wall for 5 minutes, restart. But I could be wrong, I suggest you email Marcus directly at PS Audio for clarification.

If the microprossesor reset does not work and THD in and out remain the same would suggest the regenerator has failed. The only solution then is to replace the regenerator (means you need to return it to place of purchase for repair). It is possible to do it yourself if you have a spare regenerator board, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Welcome, Al!

Equal THD in and out is a bad sign in my experience. My PPP did this and needed to be sent in for service. It has worked perfectly since I got it back.

I hope the reset works for you.