P5 stop working

I was listening to music and suddenly the P5 turned off by itself; I tried to restart it, but it didn’t turn on anymore. I checked the data on my dashboard and I read the wattage reached a peak of 397.2 watts at this moment Is someone have an idea what happened and what is the trouble? I tried yesterday to join PS Audio by email, but no response yet …

Are you powering it on by using the power switch on the back panel? Are you using the Trigger In receptacle on the back to power it on from another component? Did you check the fuse in the back panel? Is there anything else on the same receptacle you have the P5 plugged in to that works? Is the outlet tied thru a wall switch…the kind that can turn on and off a floor lamp, etc?

I am powering it on using the power switch on the back panel. I didn’t check the fuse. Yes, I checked the receptacle and it works. Finally, no wall switch. Do you know if the P5 uses the same fuse than the Perfectwave DAC, because I have replaced the fuse in the Dac by s black Synergistic fuse and I have kept the original fuse of the DAC.

Check the back it it should say by the fuse which is by the power cord (I don’t think they are inside). I had a P5 years back. In US should be like 120v 5amp slow blow or so. Look at the fuse when you take it out. It might be hard to read but there are numbers on there.

I pretty sure the DAC would be a much lower amp fuse so don’t count on using that original. Just be sure when you read them. I’m pretty positive all the DACs power fuse are on the back panel.

I’m going to buy a new fuse and I let you know if it was the problem…

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The DAC uses a 1 amp fuse. It would quickly blow if you put it in the P5

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Also as someone fixed my P20 problem last week… disconnect all the cords from the back of the p5 except the p5’s and then power power it on. See if that works

Already done, but It didn’t work