P500 Powering PWD2/PWT

I currently have these powered via the P500 regenerated AC duplexes, so when the P500 is turned off so is the PWD/PWT just as if the AC mains switches on back of the PWD/PWT were switched off. So therefore units are not kept in standby mode. What would be the best option:

1). plug units into filtered AC zone which always pass AC, but therefore, no regenerated AC improvements.

2). leave plugged into regen AC zone, but keep P500 always on. (Not sure I like the 500 always on).

I keep my P500 on all day, every day; and, it powers my PWT and PWDII. My amp is on the filtered zone. This works for me with no issue.

PSA recommends leaving the various Power Plants on. This makes sense to me as the warm up/shut down cycle causes the most wear for electronics.

The power consumption is very minor.

@jaynemo I leave my P-1000 on 24/7 also. I live at the beach and we get terrific thunder storms. When I see them rolling in off the Atlantic horizon, I turn the P-1000 off.

AMPS: I have 4 McIntosh MC-501’s for bi-amp. I run 2 into the P-1000 [receptacle #1 a&b] and 2 into a separate a PS Audio HC [high-current] version of a 2-plug thing that I cannot remember the name of [out of production].

Feeding all of this including the P-1000, I have 4 pair of dedicated 20 amp outlets with the orange hospital receptacles.

The power company came by last year and installed a power surge/filter trap on the line off the pole.

So, leave the P-500 on, plug your amp(s) into the AC Filter located on far left side when viewed from back looking forward, and watch for massive thunderstorms. Christopher

PS: Still looking for a P-1200 if anyone has one for sale.

Thanks all for the great comments! Bird dog, you live on the East Cost I assume…New England? I live in central CT, so summer afternoon thunderstorms, yes, I know what you mean!

My P-500 only powers my source components. I have a dedicated P-5 for each KT-88 monoblock amp. All is fed by a 220/120V 4KW Richard Gray Isolation Transformer paralleled with a 600S choke.

Also have the power surge unit mounted on the meter from CL&P.