paul - your current reference list of equipment



Any thoughts of upgrading to a Calypso Signature.

You will not be disappointed, it is a huge set up.

I am currently listening to Brubeck’s Time Out CD and the piano sounds amazing, I can not wait to hear it on the DS.



@Paul: Thiels and IRSes… Did you get rid of the Magnepans?


I still have the original bass panels and Maggies new in the box (the original Tympani set) because I’ve been too lazy to sell them. The 3.7’s are long gone.

If anyone wants the set of Tympanis let me know.

Paul McGowan said: The 3.7's are long gone.

Yes, I meant the 3.7's ;)


I don’t know if Paul meant 3.7s though - thought he had 3.6s.


Oh, yeah, well … memory goes first, right?


Which goes first, the Memory or the Maggies? :))

I like my MMGs and wish that I had the money to get a set of MG12s to play with.