PCM Bit Rates - False Advertising - Love the SGCD BTW

Listening to Pink Floyd’s Endless River Blu-Ray disc using the Coax out with a quad shielded RG-6 short length cable. The “Stereo PCM” is supposed to output 96/24 and it’s only flagged on the OLED SGCD as 48kHz. Thinking maybe I have my SOny’s UBP-1000ES’s PCM settings messed up, I checked. It’s max’d to 192kHz PCM and Auto mode for SACD playback.

Flipping back to 96kHz form 192kHz still flagged the disc as 48kHz. Put the Sony back to 192kHz and checked with my 2002 DVD-A of Neil Young’s Harvest which is a 192kHz in 2 channel mode. All is well on the SGCD. It display’s 192kHz. I have a couple of Blu-RAy Audio only discs that I’ll try later today that are 96kHz/24Bit only discs and see if they are flagged also at 48kHz instead of 96kHz. Then I tried my Rush Moving Pictures DVD-A and it’s correctly displayed as 96kHz with the SOny max’s at 192kHz.

Haven’t tried the DAC inside the Sony AVR because I’ve already done my version of an A/B test using the SGCD (Analog 1 XLR is my front L & R feed, input 5 is my PCM/Coax feed from the Sony Disc Player).

Have any of you noticed the similar thing with Blu-Ray Audio Discs versus DVD Audio Discs.

Some DVD and Blu-ray discs have to receive a handshake from the DAC similar to SACDs. If it isn’t there they down sample the digital output.
Does the Sony show the sample rate when used with it’s internal DAC? If so, try it to see if the disc plays at it’s claimed sample rate.
It is not false advertising, it is copy protection.

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It won’t play any of my burned DVD’s either…LOL ! This is a known “issue” with the Sony machines. But I have my trusty Universal Burner drive connected to my music server/HTPC which is sent into the SGCD’s USB input.

The joys of copy protection. Remember when ya just had to insert cassette, hit record and enjoy :sweat_smile:

I remember cassettes, I still have 160 of them that I can’t play. I pulled my Sony out of the rack, years ago. I have a couple of rare bootlegs I wanted to listen to. The Sony was dead. My friend had a Nak that he had the belts replaced, but never used. Took it home, won’t play.
A third friend transferred a few of them in his basement studio. They sound terrible.
The cassettes range from travel compilations, complete LPs, and appr 30 Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band shows.
But I have two tapes that were recorded at a David Crosby show he did shortly after getting out of prison. My friend smuggled in his hi-end portable recorder with a Senhieser mike up each sleeve. At the time it sounded really good, but after sitting around for well over 20 years, not so good.

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Strange how a lot of those bootlegs are now “official releases”. I used to to collect a lot of Rush bootlegs and now the one’s I liked are out officially. And the sound quality beats my boots 100x over. I remember an article in Audio magazine on the Taper’s section at Dead shows. It was 1988 and there were a lot of hardcore Taper’s out there. Lots of cool stories in those articles too.

My friend was one of those tapers, but seldom from the designated section.
The Crosby tape would not have been widely available. Only a few friends, and the people sitting around us were given second generation copies.
A number of years ago I found a site that had just about every Dead show posted. I have a favorite show that I had hoped to find a better version of. I found the show, as I was reading up on it, they listed the taper. It was my friend who had moved out west over 20 years ago.
I hope someday it wil be an official release that I can purchase.
Garcia #8 is a Milwaukee show that I was at. We had crappy seats, and the venue was terrible acoustically, but the official release is very good.

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Just a quick update. The copy protection is bypassed when I copy one of my BluRay Audio Discs onto my hard drive and I stream that file from my Sony Universal Player . The 96kHz flag comes on instead of the 48kHz .