Perfect wave MKii and PS Bridge 2 Network Audio Card DSD Capability

I am new to the forums, not new to PS Audio products or entry level High End equipment.

I am really interested in the purchase of a Perfect wave MKii and PS Bridge 2 Network Audio Card, but after searching forums I cannot find a solid answer to my main concerns with this setup. My question is, with this setup will the PW MKii have the ability to stream DSD natively via PS Bridge 2 Network card from Windows 7 64 bit PC/Jriver MC or NAS?

I have two rigs I would like to stream too:

Smart Home multi-room 2-channel rig

Proceed PRE/PRO AVP2x6

Dedicated Home Theater Rig

Krell HTS 7.1 PRE/PRO

Krell HTS 200watt x 5 channels

Oppo BDP 105d Bluray Player

Has anyone done any comparisons with the Percect wave MKii – PS Bridge 2 combo and The Oppo BDP-105d? I have read many glowing reviews of the Oppo 105 and I must say I love the way it sounds, but I am unhappy with USB feed from computer being buggy with Jriver and the built-in GUI is very clunky and unsexy compared to Jriver.

I would like to upgrade mainly for the two reasons above. My digital collection primarily consists of CD Ripped Uncompressed Wave files, SACD DSD Ripped files to .DFF & High Resolution Flac files mainly from I do about 2 percent of listening of MP3. I will be keeping the Oppo 105d for Bluray and SACD DSD Multi-channel

Thank you for any input!

The PWD (Mk I and II) cannot handle DSD, only PCM. You have to get the DirectStream to handle DSD.

pmotz is correct. While the Bridge II can receive DSD (in DoP) the MKII cannot decode DSD so it would do you no good.

I was afraid of just that…seemed to good

Thank you for the replys