Perfect Wave P3 - Network Watchdog feature and other things


Page 10 of the P3 Owners Manual mentions an IP Ping network watchdog feature, however the explanation how to actually configure it is vague. I’ve checked both the device web UI and via Power Play but it’s not self evident how to configure this feature.

I have a network POE switch that powers all my security cameras at home. If the switch goes down so do my cameras, in which case I need to know about it. I want to IP Ping the switch and reboot it automatically based off a failed response, and send an email alert.

Can anybody help here?

I’ve also noticed there is no current firmware showing for the P3 in MyPS>Preferences>Update list (but there is for P5 and P10).

The other thing I’ve noticed is there is a slight difference between the Output Voltage I have set (240V), and the Output Voltage being indicated (238.3V)…is this within expected tolerance? The P10 seems to be holding the set voltage to a tighter tolerance than P3 (My P10 has 240V set, 240.2V indicated).

Another thing I’ve noticed for both the P5, P10 and P3 are numerous 1-hour gaps in the Performance data. For example, there might be data showing for Voltage over a 1-hour period, but there will be no data showing for Watts over the same period. Also some data is being plotted off-scale, particularly Voltage (Voltage scale tops out at 253V but I have higher input voltages than this that are being plotted off-scale and getting lost in the low/high/average box). I have mentioned this before as this problem has been evident since PowerPlay day 1 but we haven’t seen a fix yet.


Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. The IP ping feature is really quite simple - but it won’t do exactly what you want in the way you want - you simply turn any one of the zones into the IP ping by selecting that function in the control panel. Then, whatever is plugged into that zone will be rebooted if the P3 doesn’t get an answer back on its ping to our servers over the internet. So the P3 has to be connected through Ethernet with access to the internet. The rest is simple. Obviously if your switch goes down the P3 will no longer have internet access and it will reboot that zone - thus rebooting whatever is plugged into that zone.



does the global server not send an email if the “ping” cycle does not reach the P3?

If the P3 powers the switch and it loses power, then although not ideal, at least power loss triggers a notification?

I believe there are other devices that would trigger emails if a switch goes down. probably programmable with a “what-if-then” command. try or a commercial LAN supplier.


Just spoke to an installer who was over today.

He said, many ip cameras have the capability to send a notification [mail] if their power goes down.

Perhaps take a look at the specs for your cameras.


Can I add this as a feature request? It would be nice to be able to configure a LAN IP address for watchdog and have the P3 (5/10) reboot that zone if there is no ping reply. Then I can easily differentiate whether the modem or router or network switch has gone down.

Also, about the current P3 firmware not appearing in MyPS?

And the Performance charts regularly dropping hourly chunks of data?