Perfect Wave Transport used for ripping to Mac aiff?

I had an old Mac lap top which had a slot for cs’s but is long gone now. Just woundering about use of the PWT some how as a ripping device to current Mac which has no access to cd’s.

Don’t know about the PWT but you could just buy a cheap external DVD/CD burner for your Mac.

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The PWT does extraction internally but does not output high speed data. An external drive intended for that purpose would be best as was already mentioned.

Thanks, will look for an external DVD/CD Drive/burner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I’ll start looking at Amazon.

I have an Apple latptop and the DVD/cd drive/burner Apple sells (available on amazon) is not cheap but has given me years of reliable service.

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Yes I saw that on Amazon and was attracted to it . Good to know it works well.
Much appreciated.

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This is what I use @babs075, along with dBpoweramp Music Converter software to rip CDs to my iMac and/or NAS.

The combo works flawlessly.



I do it that way too.

I have the Apple burner, which works great, but also this cheap LG burner, which works fine too:

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