PerfectWave SACD Transport and DTS Support?

I couldn’t find this topic covered here or on the Googleverse, so thought I would ask…When I try to play my DTS I see an label on the display that says DTS (see pic), and will even see the track start to be read, but no audio. I am connected to my DirectStream DAC (upgrade kit) via the I2s connector only from my SACD. If this has been covered elsewhere I couldn’t find it, just don’t want to replace all of my DTS music yet. Thanks!

Are you trying to play DTS files from a disc? I think PST reads DTS only from the front USB slot.

Yes, I have a few discs that are DTS and sound great on my OPPO. Now I would like to play them on my new PerfectWave SACD Transport. It looks like it decodes it, just doesn’t pass the music through to my amp.

When I was getting PST, the tech support at PS Audio told me that USB stick is the only way to play DTS files. OPPO can read pretty much every format known, but PST sounds better.

Being still new at the PST game, I may be wrong on this, but doesn’t the big square at the lower left of the display window indicate that the transport hasn’t found a readable disc in the drawer?

When I load a disc (SACD or RedBook) I first see a spinning disc while the PST is trying to figure out what its is. It then shows this square. When I press Play, the square turns into a right pointing triangle (play icon)

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Thanks for the clarification. With the player a good 10 feet or more from my listening chair, it’s all I can do to make out the minutes and seconds in the display.


I hadn’t hit play when I took the picture. It spins and actually starts the timer for each track, just no sound.

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