PerfectWave SACD Transport Pause Between Tracks

My PerfectWave SACD Transport is getting a 1 second pause in between tracks on live recordings and studio CD’s that should not have a pause. These are rebook CD’s and not CDR’s. Is there a setting on the transport that can remedy this?

Looks like I fixed it for now. I unplugged the transport for a minute and plugged it back in put on a disc and no 1 second pause between the tracks.

The PST needs a on/off reboot occasionally. No biggie.


Indeed, main power cycle on PST usually fix problems.
I have PST fatal error as I am replying this post. Here is from my PST bug log.
PST with FW2.4.4
fatal error. PSA logo flashing.
06/20/2024 @5:30AM. (with FW2.4.4, Last time logo flashings were at 08/17/2023 @3:10PM and 03/20/2022 12:02PM)
In middle of CD playback.
PSA logo flashing. PSA logo flashing - 2x … 2x … 2x sequences. Display stop at track 3, Everything freezes. Ctrl won’t work. But CD is still playing.
Wait play to end.
As usual, Main power cycle seems fix the problems.

I was panicked when first time this happened, trying to power off while PST is still playing with the risk to either damage the CD or the transport mechanism. Later, I found out, just wait for the PST to play to end, main power cycle (no need to try to manually eject the disk). PST will back to live.

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