Perfectwave SACD Transport upgrade

I purchased the DMP player back in 2016. Am thinking of upgrading to the Perfectwave SACD transport. Any thoughts? What exactly would the benefits be?

I was in your shoes. I managed to get in on the recent sale and keep the DMP as well as have a new PST–the PST is in the main system where the DMP had been, the DMP is now the transport for a headphone system.

To be honest I don’t feel there is as HUGE a difference between them as many here do. I sense a bit more resolution transported to the DSD via the PST, and as a result there’s some more detail such as room details, piano resonance and pedal response details. And there is a bit of a deeper soundstage. Nothing HUGE, nothing night and day, the sort of thing that you don’t realize is missing when you have the DMP but notice when you have the PST.

I think it’s an expensive upgrade and only you could tell us if the improvements were worth the expense. If I had to give up the DMP and hand over the cash I might not have done it. Having both I think was worth it.


Appreciate the feedback.

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