SACD won't play

Having an issue with my new perfect wave player.

Have the anniversary SACD of Who’s Tommy. Geffen release.

I get this behavior, repeatedly.

  1. plays tracks 1-3 but part way thru 3 it returns to track 1.
  2. neither joystick nor remote “next track” will function.
  3. I can use remote to select track 4. it plays. but doesn’t move to next track. remote no help.
  4. I can select track 5 and this aberrant behavior continues/repeats.

The final icing on the cake: disc won’t eject! eject/menu button dead. If I power off/on, then the eject button works.

So I am very curious:

  1. Anybody else seen this behavior with this disc on perfect wave?
  2. Anybody else seen this behavior with any disc on perfect wave?
  3. Anybody else play this disc on another transport? With or without problem?

Many thanks!
tim –

I haven’t seen this behaviour on my PST. That said, a bad SACD could confuse the player. I’ve had blue ray discs freeze up a player before. Two things to try. Try another SACD player or a replacement disc, to see what happens.

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I was beta tester for PST, the unresponsive problem usually happens when there is a software failure. The software failure can come from problem occurs in playback.
Main power cycle from the back usually fix the problem (I.e. similar to reboot the computer).
Here is what I will do.

  1. check if firmware is up to date (2.3.1).
  2. As watchdog says, try other SACD to isolated the problem.
  3. Make sure the disk is clean and no disk offset when load in the drawer.

Hope this will help.
Otherwise, contact the PSA support, they are very helpful.