Pierre Sprey Passing

Some may not know of Pierre Sprey, or of his passing on August 4, of this year. Pierre was a formidable figure in the audio community, founding Mapleshade. Some may not be aware of his formidable impact on the Defense industry and the US Air Force.

I saw this announced on another forum. Sad news. I had no idea about his Pentagon side (kind of like Jeff “Skunk” Baxter there), but he certainly made audiophile life more interesting. I have several of his CDs, and while the performances were sometimes a little questionable, the sound was almost always wonderfully lifelike, if sometimes a tad overmodulated. I never tried any of his tweaks and accessories, though his ribbon-ish speaker cables tempted me occasionally, and if I’d ever gotten off my butt to build myself a rack, I might have tried his brass footers.

Thank you for this. Interesting.

Just got an email from him a few weeks ago. I too have several of his CDs, some CD/equipment racks and his speaker cables! I’d asked him about using them with my M700 + Maggie LRS setup, and he was writing to ask how I liked the sound. Class act, if a bit off center (like me). RIP


I have two of his racks, a small one and the Ver. 2 big one, and love them. I’ve never really gotten into the sound of his recordings but do admire his vision and attention to detail. His work will be missed.

Always hoped that I would one day have an opportunity to visit his studio. I had a feeling it would have been an awesome experience. Now I can only wonder what will become of it. RIP Pierre Sprey. Thanks for your contributions.

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