Pipe Organ

I know there are far more complex and massive organs out there, but it’s good to see these are still being built (and not just an electronic organ with pipes as a facade).


My great great great great great grandfather David Tannenberg was one of the most accomplished pipe organ builders in the American colonies, and I got to pump the bellows on and play a few of his still extant organs. I like to listen to the several recordings of his organs that have been made, including the one that was fully restored in Salem, NC. So much was done to restore this that it is almost as if it was a new organ.


Yes, „The Queen of Instruments“. Everytime I listen to a full blown pipe organ (and luckily we have one in our local church and a truely devoted organist who knows how to play) it just hits my heart. Divine moments.


My father in law was organist in the Church where I met my wife. He played also on our wedding he is a talented and dedicated musician and great granddad.

The church organ (van Dam organ) of our current congregation has just been updated. Actually it is brought closer to its original design. Magnificent sound and acoustics. Hopefully the Covid restrictions can soon be lifted such that we can enjoy the organ live as part of the sermon every week. Indeed divine moments.

The organist is a professional musician, Leander van der Steen. He composes Christmas Concerts every 2 years that are performed in the Grote Kerk (Great Church) of Amersfoort where it is recorded in meticulous refined sound quality. The main performance in public is in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. Amazing: Pipe Organ, approx. 250 voice choir, 2 grand pianos a professional orchestra and solo artists. 1.5 h performance.

Leander van der Steen: Troost mijn volk.