Placement of PowerPlant; distance to other components


I’m considering adding a PowerPlant to my system. I have 4 mono locks and a servo controller crossover all setup between and behind my speakers.

For ease of access (and symmetry of my layout :wink: OCD) I want to set the PP in the center where I have the Servo Controller.

Question is, should I install the servo under or over the PowerPlant? Wondering about electrical or magnetic interactions.

Due to the height of the PP I would add a shelf over the Servo and mount the PP on top.

I’ve had a P300, a PPP, a P5, and now have a P10 and a P15. I have’t noticed any interference each might cause with other components.

By the time my system evolved to a P10 and P15 I moved them to the top shelf as this made routing my heavy, stiff power cables easier.


Thanks for your input! That is one of my concerns. I have a to deal with 4 heavy power cords, 1 or 2 lightweight and then, on the servo, 6 RCAs.

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If you look at the PS Audio pics from Axpona their amps and other gear are sitting on top of P20’s. I’m sure it’s not ideal but it didn’t seem to hinder performance.

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I was looking at the video that @Paul posted and noticed that.

Now I must figure out if one P20 is enough to juice my 2 Threshold 12e and my 2 Manley Snappers.