Playlist Edit Unknown selecting DISCOGS does not show album

Hi All,

Maybe I am doing something wrong and I would like any advice.

SACD: Linn CKD 225
Artur Pizarro
BEETHOVEN Last Three Piano Sonatas

I inserted the SACD in my DSMP and as expected it could not find and Info or Album Art.

I then went to Playlist and see an Unknown Album.

I clicked the Cover and searched for the info and it did not find anything, as expected.

I then selected to search DISCOGS.

I tried the following:
Album: BEETHOVEN Last Three Sonatas - found nothing
Album: Last Three Sonatas - found nothing
I then went to the DISCOGS web site and found the SACD album using both of the searches above.

I then tried:
Artist: Artur Pizarro - found several albums but not the album I was searching for.
I then went to the DISCOGS web site and found many more albums, both CD and SACD, using the artist search.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is this still a work in progress?

Any ideas or comments are welcome,


Definitely a work in progress I think. I find the DMP hardly finds any data, particularly cover art.

I also find it often doesn’t find the information even if I have updated my play list. I know PS Audio are working on updating the service. They need to as right now it’s a doozy

This has been my experience with mt PWT for years. If you put in a pop CD you have a good chance if will find something. If you listen to classical, rarely does anything appear.

The Playlist feature in general needs a lot of improvement, particularly for classical music – I agree 100%.

I have had some success with Discogs, however. Not every album is there, of course, but I would guess that I have found 2/3 or 3/4 of those that I have searched for. The trick, for me, is getting offered the option to search Discogs. I found that if I enter both title and artist I rarely get the option. Entering only the album title works better (but not perfectly). Try a few more albums and see what happens.

Great advice.